Any person or organisation can present a petition to the Council, a Council Committee or a Community Board. A petition can be about any topic that the Council is responsible for.

If you want to present a petition, it must be less than 50 words (not including signatures). You can present it yourself, or a councillor or community board member may present it on your behalf.

Whoever presents the petition will need to read it out, along with a statement from the petitioners and advise Council of the number of signatures it contains.

To present a petition, you will need to:

  • decide on a topic for your petition and write a clear statement
  • ask others to sign your petition

Once your petition is ready to present, contact the Democratic Services at the Council or the Community Board Support Team at your local community board. They will advise you of the most appropriate meeting to present your petition and help you arrange a day and time.  At least ten working days' notice is required for a petition to be included in an agenda.  Details of the petition will be displayed on the Council website, including the primary petitioner's contact details.