How did you find your commute? Rate your journey.

Sensibel device on a bike handlebarWe are working with social enterprise Fabriko to deliver a system where a minimum of 50 commuters' experiences can be geotagged and recorded.

This is done through a physical device fixed on the handlebars of a bike or via an app for bus users, etc.  Commuters can also enter a comment if they wish, once they have completed their journey. 

Fabriko's solution is different to normal crowd-sourced cycle data apps in that it anonymously captures a commuter's experience rather than just route, time, distance, GPS, or count data.

The aim of Sensibel 

  • measure a commuter's experience of their bike, bus journey etc as they move into the city
  • highlight good and bad experiences so improvements can be made
  • provide feedback in a map to easily see where the best and worst commuter areas are.

How Sensibel works

A bus user can note when the bus is late or on time, or when the bus driver has been friendly and polite.

A cyclist can notify issues, such as potholes or dangerous merging lanes on a road, or share a positive experience of a safe route.

This information will be recorded for analysis, both visually such as with heat maps, and in report form.