A new indoor swimming pool is planned for the Linwood-Woolston community, which is expected to open in late 2021.

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Update: December 2018

The proposals for the new Linwood Pool have been revealed.

See the images here(external link).

Artistic impression of Linwood Proposed pool. Indicative only

Artistic impression of Linwood Proposed pool. Indicative only


The proposals were revealed at a recent family friendly event in Linwood Park that attracted more than 300 people from across the community.

The feedback we got was very positive – we’ve had some great suggestions from individuals for tweaks here and there, which our designers are looking forward to going through, and the main message we heard from the community was that they can’t wait until it’s built.

A second round of engagement – this time on the concept itself – will be undertaken in April 2019.

Read more on Newsline.

Update: October 2018

Visitors to Linwood Park may notice some early testing work getting underway on the site of the new Linwood Pool facility at 141 Smith Street. From 31 October, contractors are drilling on the site to better understand the ground conditions.

The tennis courts won't be permanently affected, with the holes drilled outside the actual courts and filled again when the work is complete. The new Linwood Pool is expected to open in late 2021.

The high profile location on the corner of Linwood Avenue and Smith Street was chosen as the site for the planned Linwood pool.

The facility will be built at 141 Smith Street, which is on a section next to Linwood Park that faces onto Linwood Avenue.

The location was finalised by the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community on 16 May after extensive community consultation on possible locations for the planned new pool facility. Read more on Newsline.

The next step is for the Council to produce a concept design that will show how the facility looks and what it features. This design will be developed with feedback and input from the wider community and key stakeholders, including Linwood Rugby League and South Brighton Tennis Club. This process will begin later in 2018.