We are experiencing a high demand for short stay parking in the carpark beside the Sign of the Kiwi. Changes to the existing carpark are proposed to work to meet this demand.

Project status: Open for feedback
Open for feedback: 5th October 2018 - 25th October 2018
05 Oct 2018

Why are we proposing changes?

With the views and recreation opportunities attracting all types of visitors to the Port Hills, parking availability needs to reflect the parking requirements of all users.

The carpark located at Sign of the Kiwi has high demand for short stay parking due to the café and visitors taking a quick stop to look at the view.

Changes we are proposing to the existing carpark:

  • 10 existing carparks to become P60
  • one existing carpark to become a mobility park
  • designated motorcycle parking signposted

detail shown in image below

image showing the proposed parking changes

Alternative long stay parking spaces near Sign of the Kiwi

Summit Road car park (north)

This carpark is located on the Summit Road at the top of Victoria Park. There is a walking track  that heads towards Sign of the Kiwi. You can also access a number of walking tracks near to this carpark. Image showing the carpark on Summit Road north of Sign of the Kiwi

Sugarloaf Reserve car park

This carpark is off the Summit Road heading north from Sign of the Kiwi. There is access to walking tracks including a track to the Sign of the Kiwi.

Areas on Summit Road (South)

South of Sign of the Kiwi there are several parking bays along this section of Summit Road. These are also located close to walking tracks on the Port Hills.

Overview of the parking and walking paths around Sign of the Kiwi

Image shown the overview of parking and walking paths around Sign of the Kiwi

Map location

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