We are proposing a blanket 40 km/h speed limit in Knights Stream Park, Longhurst and John Paterson Drive.

Project status: Open for feedback
Open for feedback: 2nd October 2018 - 24th October 2018
02 Oct 2018

Why a lower speed limit?

These residential areas include Seven Oaks School, Knights Stream School (opening at the beginning of the school year), two early learning centres, playgrounds, parks and reserves.

Map indicating the speed limit change and speed zones of the areaCurrently there are no School Speed Zones for the two schools. The proposed 40 km/h speed limit would improve safety outside both schools, as well as provide a safer environment for children playing in surrounding parks.  While Seven Oaks School pupils generally come from all over the city, Knights Stream School is a local school and more  young families will be regularly walking in the area.

Change to suit road widths

Streets in the area are usually between 9 and 10 metres wide. The proposed 40 km/h limit is considered a safe speed in this road environment. Many drivers are already travelling at the proposed speed, and a 40 km/h speed limit would indicate appropriate speeds for motorists travelling in the area. 

 Changing speed limits

The Council’s new Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2017 (effective from March 2018) allows the Council to set and change speed limits on roads in Christchurch in accordance with the Land Transport Rule Setting Speed Limits 2017. Consultation is required as part of this process.


5pm Wednesday 24 October - Consultation closes 
13 November 2018 - Decision by Halswell Hornby Riccarton Community Board 
6 December 2018 - Council decision 

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