Night time no stopping restrictions are being considered for Lester Lane to reduce nuisance factors affecting adjacent businesses.

Project status: Open for feedback
Open for feedback: 4th July 2018 - 26th July 2018

We are proposing to install no stopping restrictions 11pm—5am along both sides of Lester Lane.

Photo of Lester Lane (572KB)

Lester Lane looking west

Businesses in Lester Lane have been experiencing antisocial behaviour at night. People with cars have been congregating on the street outside businesses. Vehicle racing and burnouts are common. Empty bottles and rubbish are left behind for others to clean up afterwards. This has created a safety issue for staff in adjacent buildings  working at night.

The no stopping restrictions will enable NZ Police to move vehicles on and stop vehicles and their passengers from gathering here. 

Map of Lester Lane [PDF, 2 MB] showing proposed restriction areas.

Map location

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