Have your say on a speed limit change on Cranford Street

Project status: Analysis & reporting
Open for feedback: 20th April 2018 - 14th May 2018

Project information

We are proposing a speed limit change from 60km/hr to 50km/hr on Cranford Street and Main North Road to just north of Queen Elizabeth 11 Drive. The speed limit change takes into account safe and appropriate speeds in accordance with the NZTA approved guides to speed management.

 A reduced speed limit is more appropriate given the heavy volumes of traffic and the built up nature of the environment with residential entrances, various businesses and a school frontage. While it is acknowledged that there is a section of Cranford Street that currently has a rural element that may justify a 60km/hr speed limit, this location is where the new Christchurch Northern Corridor will connect to Cranford Street. This is expected to significantly alter the feel and complexity of the traffic environment which a lower speed limit (50km/hr) would support.

 Finally changing the speed limit on Cranford Street and Main North Road to 50km/hr will provide consistency along the route with the existing 50km/hr speed limits to the southeast on Cranford Street and the adjoining section of Main North Road.

Speed limit location. [PDF, 232 KB]

Setting speed limits

The Christchurch City Council's Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2017 allows Council to set and change speed limits on roads within Christchurch in accordance with the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017.

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