A number of Antarctic organisations are based in Christchurch.

The Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP)

Secretariat has been located in Christchurch since 2009. COMNAP(external link), the international association formed in 1988, brings together its Members, who are the National Antarctic Programs.

National Antarctic Programs are those organisations that have responsibility for delivering and supporting scientific research in the Antarctic Treaty Area on behalf of their respective governments and in the spirit of the Antarctic Treaty​.

COMNAP’s purpose is to “develop and promote best practice in managing the support of scientific research in Antarctica".

Gateway Antarctica

Gateway Antarctica(external link) is the centre for Antarctic studies and research at the University of Canterbury, established 1 January 1999.

Gateway Antarctica plays a leading role in the quest for knowledge in a diverse range of national and international Antarctic research projects.

This includes areas such as engineering in extreme environments, Antarctica as driver of (and responder to) climate change, connections between Antarctica and New Zealand, and human influences in and on Antarctica.

Antarctic Heritage Trust

The Antarctic Heritage Trust(external link) is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the conservation of five historic sites in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica including Ernest Shackleton’s, Robert Falcon Scott’s and Edmund Hillary’s expedition bases.

The Trust is currently implementing the Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project. This multi-year, multi-site conservation programme is the largest heritage project ever undertaken in the Polar Regions.

The Trust employs teams of international heritage and conservation specialists year-round in Antarctica and has meticulously conserved two iconic buildings (Scott’s 1911 expedition base and Shackleton’s 1908 base) while caring for 17,000 objects.

Work is underway to conserve Scott’s 1902 expedition base.

Antarctic Link Canterbury

Antarctic Link Canterbury is a group of key organisations in the city whose focus is Antarctica or who have an interest in Antarctica and who come together quarterly to share information.

The group is chaired by the Civic & International Relations Manager, Christchurch City Council.

New Zealand Antarctic Society

New Zealand Antarctic Society(external link) was formed in 1933 and has branches in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and overseas.

The Society publishes the ‘Antarctic’ journal four times a year. With a worldwide circulation, it is the only periodical which provides regular and up to date news of the activities of all nations working in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic.

The Society organises an annual wreath laying ceremony at the time of the Antarctic Season Opening, to commemorate all those who have lost their lives in Antarctica.

The Antarctic Office

The Antarctic Office(external link) nurtures New Zealand’s connection to the Antarctic.

Our mission is for Christchurch to be the world’s Antarctic city, and for New Zealand to take a lead on Antarctic issues. The Antarctic Office supports Antarctic-related activity across New Zealand, creating alignment, fostering innovation and celebrating our Antarctic connection.

The Office also delivers a calendar of Antarctic-related events and workshops, creating an engaged city and nation of Antarctic advocates.