Businesses must comply with wastewater quality standards set in the Trade Waste Bylaw. Preliminary treatment of trade waste to remove or reduce harmful substances may need to occur before discharging into the public sewer.

Maintenance and cleaning is required for pre-treatment facilities such as grease traps, settling and balance tanks and petrol/oil interceptors. Failure to maintain pre-treatment equipment may result in the owner being liable for any costs of damages to the sewer and the trade waste consent may be withdrawn.

All pre-treatment facilities accumulate residual waste, which is to be removed by an approved operator for treatment for disposal at an authorised waste processing plant.

Pre-treatment Website Brochure Technical drawing
Grease and oil traps Website Brochure [PDF, 959 KB]  
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Petrol-oil interceptor   Brochure [PDF, 97 KB]  Technical Drawing [PDF, 48 KB]
Washdown areas smaller than 250m²   Brochure [PDF, 1.2 MB]   

If your washdown areas / heavy duty washdown areas are greater than 250m², please email us or call (03) 941 8999 for more information.