Matuku Waterway flood mitigation works have been completed.

Land Drainage Recovery Programme work on Matuku Waterway has reduced flooding in Heathcote Valley downstream of Bridle Path Road. The work included:

  • Construction of a stormwater pipeline, beginning at the Heathcote Valley Drain inlet and finishing in Cooks Lane. The pipeline diverts stormwater flows from Heathcote Valley Drain in Morgan's Valley to the lower Matuku Waterway in Cooks Lane, reducing flood risk to nearby properties.
  • A section of Cooks Lane Waterway has been widened to accommodate the diverted flows. Replanting has been done in the reserve area between Cooks Lane and Deavoll Place.
  • Heathcote Valley Drain has been rock-lined to prevent further erosion and reduce the risk of water overtopping the drain inlet.
Matuku Waterway works

Matuku Waterway works