The Bells Creek flood mitigation scheme is now operational, bringing reduced flood risk, improved water quality and new recreational spaces.

Bells Creek flood mitigation scheme

Bells Creek

The Bells Creek flood mitigation works have reduced above floor flood risk for 32 properties, improved the quality of water going into the Ōpāwaho /Heathcote River and brought new community recreational spaces. The $19M scheme, completed in May 2019, includes:

  • The Richardson Terrace Stormwater Pump Station and Stormwater Filter - The pump station near the corner of Richardson Terrace and Ferry Road helps to lift floodwater out of the Bells Creek
  • catchment into the Ōpāwaho/Heathcote River. Within the same facility, the new stormfilter - Australasia’s largest - also treats most stormwater before it flows into the Heathcote. 
  • Te Oranga Waikura Urban Forest (external link)and stormwater basin - A stormwater basin and urban forest, with more than 16,000 trees planted.

  • Edmonds Park Basin and Bells Creek realignment - Edmonds sports field was excavated by approximately one metre to form a stormwater storage basin. A pump station and underdrainage were installed to improve drainage of the basin and sports fields. The area is now dual-use, with the park flooding only in large rainfall events, and otherwise still operates as sports fields. Bells Creek was also realigned and naturalised through Linwood College, to deliver water to the basin, and provided the school with additional area to build on.
  • Upgrade of pipes in the Mackworth Street area.