Heathcote catchment

Earthquake damage to land and infrastructure alongside the Heathcote River has led to increased severity of flooding.

In November 2017 the Council agreed to a set of flood mitigation options for the Heathcote River, including rolling out the Flood Intervention Policy in the catchment. Read the Newsline story(external link).

The Flood Intervention Policy was put in place by the Council in December 2015. The policy offers assistance to property owners who've had frequent above-floor flooding, where their flooding has been worsened by the earthquakes, and they will not benefit in a timely manner from planned flood mitigation schemes.

Heathcote flood mitigation options

Several years of investigations into flood risk in the Heathcote are coming together. In October 2017 we met with the community to discuss some of the options we've come up with to reduce flood risk. Below are links to the posters from the meetings, which detail the options being considered, and the presentation.

Heathcote River floodplain management options reports

The Council has commissioned reports to help determine possible options to reduce flood risk to properties along the Heathcote River. Climate change and sea-level rise will also increase flood risk along parts of the Heathcote River and other low lying areas of Christchurch. Further work and planning is needed to meet these challenges.