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Knights Drain flood mitigation works

Flood mitigation works have started in the Knights Drain catchment, an area at greater risk of flooding since the earthquakes, due to ground subsidence.

Works have been split into three stages:

Stage 1

A new pump station and pressure main on ANZAC Drive to discharge water from Knights Drain into the Avon River.  

Stage 1 was completed by SCIRT in 2017.

Pump Station Anzac Drive

Pump Station Anzac Drive

Stage 2

A new landscaped stormwater basin in the corner of Wainoni Park with some pipe upgrades in the surrounding streets.

Stage 2 is under construction, due for completion mid-2018.

Stage two

Stage two

Stage 3

A new stormwater pond on the corner of Pages Road and Anzac Drive including modifications to Knights Drain and the existing wetland.

Stage 3 is currently undergoing design and property purchase negotiations.

The Knights Drain construction programme is dependent on property purchases progressing.

Knights Drain proposal

Knights Drain proposal

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