Cranford Basin is a critical part of the city's stormwater network, connecting the Avon and Styx River catchments. Investigations have focussed on boosting stormwater storage and maximising the effectiveness of the new Tay Street Drain Pump Station.

In February 2016, the Council agreed to a significant upgrade to the Cranford Basin stormwater network.

The agreed programme of works is estimated to cost $7million, including land purchase costs. Work will include the construction of embankments and upgrades to drains, floodwater storage areas, gates and systems in the stormwater network around Dudley Creek and Flockton.  The works will be built in coordination with the proposed Styx River Stormwater Management Plan and Northern Arterial Motorway projects.

The work is expected to bring a substantial increase to stormwater storage capacity, and give greater control over flooding in the adjacent areas, including Flockton Street, St. Albans Creek, Shirley Stream, Upper and Lower Dudley Creek and the Ellington Road Estates Area.

Read the Council staff report - Page 7 [PDF, 19 MB]