Matuku Waterway flood mitigation works are underway.

The Heathcote Valley experienced flooding in a number of areas during the flood events of 2014. The Land Drainage Recovery Programme has started work on a diversion of the Matuku Waterway to reduce flooding in Heathcote Valley downstream of Bridle Path Road.

The work will be done in three stages: 

Stage one - Pipeline Diversion: October 2016 to late February 2017

A stormwater pipeline will be constructed, beginning at the Heathcote Valley Drain Inlet, and finishing in Cooks Lane. This pipeline will divert stormwater flows from Heathcote Valley Drain in Morgan's Valley to the lower Matuku Waterway in Cooks Lane, and reduce flooding risk to nearby properties.

Construction of the pipeline will be staged, starting at Cooks Lane, and working up Bridle Path Road. Traffic management will be in place, with staged sections of Bridle Path Road reduced to single lane for the safety of people travelling along the road and construction workers.

In early to mid-November, there will be no access to Flavell Street from Bridle Path Road until late December 2016. Marsden Street access to Bridle Path Road will be closed in early January 2017 until late February 2017.

Stage two - Cooks Lane Waterway widening: late 2016 to early 2017

A section of Cooks Lane Waterway will be widened to accommodate the diverted flows. This project is currently at the detailed design stage. These works will involve small scale excavation and replanting. The pathway connecting Cooks Lane and Deavoll Place will remain open throughout the duration of these works. We will provide further updates closer to the construction works starting.

Stage three - Heathcote Valley Drain upgrades: planned for late 2017

Heathcote Valley Drain will be rock-lined to prevent further erosion from occurring and reduce the risk of water overtopping the drain inlet. This work is currently in the final concept design stages. We will provide further updates prior to construction works starting.

The works will be are estimated to cost up to $2.5M, funded from the LDRP Budget.

We will continue to work closely with the Heathcote Valley community to keep them updated during the course of the works.

map of stages

Matuku Waterway flood mitigation works tree update November 2016 [PDF, 228 KB] 

Matuku Waterway flood mitigation works notice 7 October 2016 [PDF, 661 KB]

Cooks Lane waterway work notice July 2016 [PDF, 339 KB]