Rates remissions may be available if your property is at risk of rockfall or cliff collapse, mass movement or have unsafe access or retaining wall issues.

The Rates Remission Policy can be applied only for at risk residential and non-rateable properties. 

The Council remits 100% of rates for:

  • residential properties considered by the Council to be at unacceptable risk of geotechnical hazards such as rock-fall, cliff collapse, unsafe access or retaining wall issues
  • where the Council has instructed the occupant to vacate the property, and has issued the occupant with a notice under section 124(1)(b) of the Building Act 2004. 

You do not need to apply for rates remission if your property is affected in this way. Council is maintaining records of all section 124 notices and these properties will automatically qualify for rates remission.

The remission will cease once the section 124 notice is lifted or from the date owners accept or reject a purchase offer from the Crown or Council. A 100 per cent remission also applies to Port Hills properties formally identified as being Mass Land Movement Class 1 risk.

The remission ceases on whichever of the following occurs first:

  • 30 June 2015, or
  • when the owners accept or reject a Council / Crown purchase offer, or
  • when the Council has finished remediation work to protect the property.