We would like your help to reduce graffiti vandalism. Rapid removal of tagging is the best way to keep graffiti from returning.

Graffiti display

If you have seen graffiti vandalism please report it onlinecontact us or use our smartphone app Snap, Send, Solve.

Vision: The Christchurch City Council Graffiti Programme [PDF, 3.1 MB] takes a lead role in supporting a collaborative, structured city-wide approach to the eradication, engagement, education and enforcement in relation to graffiti vandalism.

Goal: To reduce the impact that graffiti vandalism has on residents of and visitors to Christchurch City.

Graffiti vandalism contributes to community unease. It can lead to a perception that an area is out of control and can increase the fear of crime.

What do we do?

  • Remove graffiti from Council property
  • Provide free recycled paint and accessories needed to remove graffiti
  • Coordinate with groups including the Police, communities, property owners, businesses, Probation and graffiti-removal contractors
  • Work with communities to develop murals on frequently targeted buildings or property
  • Coordinate clean up days with community groups 
  • Present to schools, community groups, expos and community events
  • Assist the Police with graffiti investigations.

The Graffiti Team is more than happy to chat about creating a mural, removing graffiti, project ideas or to attend an event, contact us.

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