This is an application for a permit to regularly move dairy cows along or across a road or roads under clause 7 of the Christchurch City Council Stock Control Bylaw 2008.

Before you fill in your details below, please refer to the Guide to Stock Control Bylaw for more information on this permit, including what is required and why. If you are still not sure whether or not you need a permit, please contact the Council’s Animal Management Team.

The applicant should be the person responsible for moving the dairy cows.

(Please describe the road(s) where you propose to move the dairy cows and give some information about the road(s), including things such as: whether the road is flat or sloped, whether there are corners that might obscure the cows from oncoming traffic, the approximate distance the cows will travel on the road(s), roughly how busy the road(s) are, whether the road will be used regularly or only because of bad weather, whether there is any potential to use the road verge rather than the road to move the cows, and any other information you think may be appropriate. Please attach any maps, photos or diagrams)

(Please indicate the likely times of day you will be moving the cows along or across the road(s) and the number of times you anticipate using the road per day, or if less than daily, how often you may use the road (e.g. only in bad weather, every second week). State whether you propose to move the dairy cows only during milking season, and if so indicate your anticipated milking season. The Council acknowledges that these times and days may vary from time to time to accommodate flexibility in farming operations.)

(Please describe how the safety of people, traffic and stock will be ensured. For example, whether you will be using warning lights/signs or barriers (e.g. gates). If you will be using signs or flashing lights to warn road users that there is stock on the road or that the road surface may be slippery, indicate where they will be placed, including when they will be removed, e.g. after each milking/crossing.)