Dog parks and exercise areas

Dog parks are fenced areas specially designed for dog and owner security. Dog exercise areas are open spaces where your dog can be off-leash but under effective control.

There are seven different dog control categories, and each category is represented by a different colour on the map.

Category Description
Prohibited Dogs are prohibited
Prohibited / Leashed Dogs are prohibited in part of the area, but allowed on a leash in other parts
Leashed Dogs must be on a leash
Leashed / Under effective control Dogs must be on a leash in part of the area, but are allowed 'under effective control' in other parts
Summer beach prohibition Dogs are prohibited between 1 November and 31 March, 9am and 7pm, to protect swimming and recreation activities (but dog walkers can pass through with a dog on a short leash)
Dog parks Spaces set aside to allow dogs a space to exercise with other dogs and their owners, in a dog-friendly environment
Dog exercise areas Recommended spaces to exercise dogs off-leash

Other areas or organisations such as the Department of Conservation (DOC) may have dog restrictions in place to protect wildlife or for other reasons. Refer to the DOC website (external link)(external link)or call your local DOC office for more details.

Note that dogs are prohibited on Quail Island / Ötamahua.

Dedicated dog parks

dog playing in parkAccess of Pages Road, Bexley.

The dog park area at Bexley Reserve is a small, fenced area.  

The park is in the process of being expanded to include planting, climbing obstacles and drinking fountains for dogs.


  • doggy doo disposal bins
  • fenced enclosure

Dog on play equipmentAccess is off Johns Road.

The Groynes Dog Park consists of large open spaces with plenty of trees and two spring-fed streams for your dog to swim in.

Opening hours

8am daily until half an hour before sunset.


  • Eight fenced areas with three agility/obstacle courses, including one for small dogs.
  • Picnic and BBQ area.
  • Fresh drinking water.
  • Wash down area for dogs.
  • Doggy doo dispensers and rubbish bins.

Please note that dogs are prohibited elsewhere in the Groynes and must be kept on a leash if passing through the Groynes while on the Otukaikino walking track.

Dog drinking from tapAccess off Broomfield Terrace, Burwood.

While most of the reserve has been closed since the earthquakes, the dog park off Broomfield Terrace is open and you can still walk your dog on a leash around the outskirts of the reserve. 

Opening hours

Open 24 hours a day.


  • Limited seating and parking for owners.
  • Securely fenced park with agility course, trees and open spaces.

dog jumping over play equipmentAccess of Shaw Ave, New Brighton.

Open all day, this large dog park has plenty of trees and space for dogs to spring around as well as some course structures for exercising dogs.


  • securely fenced area
  • agility course
  • all day parking


dog jumping in pondAccess of Hussey Road, Styx Mill.

The water quality in the dog pond is variable due to algae. A permanent fence has been installed around the dog pond with gated access for those who choose to use it.

The location of the dog park is under review as part of the development of the Styx Mill Conservation Reserve.

Opening hours

7.30am daily, closing at 5.30pm in winter or a half hour before sunset in summer.


  • two lake areas
  • toilets and car parking

people walking dogs on hillAccess off Victoria Park Road, Port Hills

This huge dog park offers grasslands, steep ridges and natural rocky outcrops for your dog to explore.

Opening hours

7.30am daily, with closing times of 6pm in winter and 9pm in summer.


  • securely fenced area
  • fresh drinking water
  • doggy doo disposal bins


Dog exercise areas

Dog play equipmentAccess off Cumnor Terrace and Riley Crescent, Woolston.

Your dog can scale the A-frame, run through the tunnel, weave its magic through the weaving poles and walk the dog plank.

Opening Hours

  • open daily, 24 hours


  • six medium height agility obstacles

Access of Kennedys Bush Road, Halswell.

Halswell Quarry has a dog exercise area where dogs may be off their leash.

This area is not a designated dog park however, and is not fenced. Dog owners should be aware of other park users and keep their dogs under control at all times.

Dogs may be taken on most tracks through Halswell Quarry provided they are kept on a leash but are prohibited from the Wetlands Conservation Area.

Access of Waitikiri Drive, Burwood.

Dogs are permitted off leash in Bottle Lake Forest as long as they are kept under effective control.

Please be aware of other recreational users and dog owners.

Take a look at some of the walks available for you and your dog at Bottle Lake.