Let the Christchurch City Council know you have a new dog.

  1. Submit this online Dog registration form
  2. We will contact you with a unique ID number and the registration fees(external link) due
  3. Payment can be made online(external link) or at any Council service desk(external link)
  4. Once payment is received we will send you your registration tag/s for this year.

More information about Dog registration.

New owner details

Full name, no abbreviations please (e.g. Joanne, not Jo)
Do you have responsible dog owner status?

Approved dog owners get discounts on renewal of their registration fees. Have a look at the Responsible dog owner eligibility criteria.

Dog details

If you have more than one new dog, please complete a separate form for each dog.

If you are not sure of the exact date an approximate age is fine

Property information

If your current property now has more than two dogs it is a legal requirement under Section 20 of the Christchurch City Council Dog Control Policy and Bylaw 2008 that you make application for a More Than Two Dog Licence.