Complete this form to advise Council you have moved into the Christchurch city area with a dog. If your dog is registered this year you can swap the tag for a Christchurch one. If not you need to register in Christchurch and pay the fee for the full year.

Dog owner details

No abbreviations please
Enter n/a if you don't have a middle name


Dog details

If you have more than one dog to add, please complete a separate form for each dog.

If you are not sure of the exact date an approximate age is fine

Note: It is an offence to make a false statement relating to dog registration.

Statement for the Purpose of Principle 3 of the Privacy Act

  1. The information is being collected to enable the Council to maintain its dog register and records.
  2. The intended user of the information is the Council's Regulatory Compliance Unit.
  3. You have the right of access to and correction of any personal information held about you by the Council.
  4. This information is held on the Council's dog register.
  5. Supply of information from the dog register is strictly limited by Section 35 of the Dog Control Act 1996.