A steep but attractive walk around local streets and parks, starting from Centaurus Road in Huntsbury. The circuit incorporates a set of 216 steps fondly known as 'Hell's Teeth'.

Start: Centaurus Road, Huntsbury.

Finish: Same as starting point.

Distance: 2.5km.

Time: 1 hour circuit.


Starting from Centaurus Road, walk into Centaurus Park towards the children's playground. Turn hard left beside a row of trees and follow a grass accessway to Albert Terrace. Turn right and head up Albert Terrace. Next to St Martins School and the driveway of 28 Albert Terrace is an unmarked narrow asphalt path called Errol Lane. This leads up the hill between the houses.

A short distance along, Errol Lane becomes stepped as it begins its steep ascent. This section of 216 steps has been dubbed Hell's Teeth by some walking groups and seems to take forever but is actually only 5-10 minutes walking.

Exiting onto Aotea Terrace, continue uphill to Huntsbury Avenue. At the intersection turn right and walk briefly down Huntsbury Avenue past the Huntsbury Reserve car parking area. Look for the start of a good metal track on the left which will take you through the pretty hill reserve and the children's playground. There are wonderful views of the city from here.

Follow the path to the junction, turn down the steps to Ranelagh Terrace and then right into Parklands Drive. There is a short climb up Parklands Drive before turning left onto Huntsbury Avenue. Continue along Huntsbury Ave, keeping left until reaching View Terrace. Turn right here and follow this steep attractive lane back down to Centaurus Park.