A walk along the attractive riverbanks of the Avon River loop with a chance to explore the historic Barbadoes Street Cemetery. Quiet backstreets with old cottages link to Beverly Park before a return to the river.

Barbadoes Street  cemetry.

Start: River Road, Richmond.

Finish: Same as the starting point.

Distance: 4.2km.

Time: 1 hour.

Dogs: Can be exercised off the leash in Beverly Park.


Walk along River Road upstream towards the central city, giving you a taste of the Red Zone. Cross busy Stanmore Road (there's a history plaque on the bridge) and continue along River Road to Fitzgerald Avenue.

A rough trail leads under the Fitzgerald bridges but you will have to crouch otherwise use the pedestrian island to the walkway and the history panel on the Canterbury Rowing Club. Follow the walkway beside Fitzgerald Avenue briefly before turning into the quiet Cambridge Terrace which swings around in an elegant curve along the river.

Barbadoes Street Cemetery on the right is well worth exploring and at the entrance is a plague indicating the interesting or significant people buried here. Cross the Barbadoes Street bridge and turn left on the inside curve of the Avon past a river jetty which is a prime site for feeding the ducks.

The river path inner loop leads back to Kilmore Street but you can cut through the loop more directly via quiet backstreets from Hurley Street to the attractive children's playground by Bangor Street and then Fitzgerald Avenue and walk briefly along the busy Avonside Drive before turning right into the suddenly peaceful Hanmer Street.

There are several old cottages in these streets as your turn left towards Gilby Street and continue straight on to Te Orawai Place where a pleasant path take you into Beverly Park and past the children's playground to Stanmore Road.

Across the road Lynchgate Place leads to the Avonside Holy Trinity Church then you turn left down the path onto Avonside Drive again. Turn left back along Stanmore Road then turn right across the bridge where you can retrace River Road back to your car.