Some eagerly-awaited upgrades and earthquake repairs are being carried out in stages at Jellie Park and Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centres.

Xtreme 30 fitness classAs well as repairs, strengthening and general refurbishments, Jellie Park is getting a replacement indoor hydroslide and Pioneer is getting replacement water toys for the leisure pool area.

The first phase of work is being carried out in stages across both centres. 

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Both Pioneer and Jellie Park will remain open throughout the repairs and upgrades, although some areas will be closed in stages to keep disruption to a minimum.

Members can use any of the Council's Recreation and Sport Centres for no extra cost, even if it is not their local centre.


Closure Pioneer Jellie Park
Fitness centre To be confirmed Not applicable
Pool changing rooms Work completed December 2018 to April 2019
Reception To be confirmed December 2018 to April 2019

If you have concerns about the use of your membership during the repair period please see our customer services team for options. Any membership freeze would be in addition to your normal freeze entitlements.

About the repairs

How long will the repairs take?

The first phase of work is being carried out in stages across both centres. It is expected that this phase will be completed by December 2019. The next phase is scheduled to begin after July 2020.

Both Jellie Park and Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centres will remain open throughout, although some areas will be closed in stages to keep disruption to a minimum. 

Why now?

After the 2010/2011 earthquakes the Council carried out engineering assessments that showed both centres had suffered minor damage but were considered safe and could remain open for public use.

Due to the need for Recreation and Sport Centres to support the community following the earthquakes, both centres have remained open with occasional shutdowns for building maintenance. The Council is now in a position to carry out the remaining earthquake repairs.

What is being repaired and upgraded?

Works for both facilities include:

  • Earthquake repairs – fixing cracks and damage, painting, and repairs to flooring, walls and ceiling
  • Both facilities are being strengthened
  • Upgraded fire systems
  • Replacement of the wet area flooring with a non-slip, hardwearing material
  • Repair of pools (painting, crack repair, tiling, lighting, structural strengthening)
  • Replacement indoor hydroslide at Jellie Park
  • Repair of the wave chamber at Pioneer
  • Repair and replacement of water toys at the Pioneer leisure pool
  • Improved air conditioning in pool areas
  • Improved water quality turnover rates, and a review of current filtration systems
  • Refurbished changing rooms (replaced tiles, paint, new toilet units, showers etc. and improved accessibility)
  • Improvements to the fitness and group fitness areas (paint, lighting, sound system and air conditioning).