Choose a membership that suits you, start paying next month*, use any of our centres with no joining fee!


*Start now, pay later terms and conditions:

  • Applies to Flexi memberships only.
  • All new Flexi memberships that commence between 25 January and 28 February 2019 will receive their first month free.
  • Our usual Membership terms and conditions and rules of use apply.

Multi membership

You can use the pools (including the Swimsmart adult lessons), fitness centres and group fitness classes at any of the four centres.

You’ll also receive a free personal programme, which includes a tailored plan to meet your goals, and a free follow-up appointment every 12 weeks. 

Fitness membership

You can use the fitness centres and attend group classes at any of our four centres. You’ll receive a free personal programme, tailored to meet your goals, and a complimentary follow-up appointment every 12 weeks. 

Pool membership

Make use of all our pools any of the pool classes as well as our adult Swimsmart lessons.

Fees and payment

Two payment options are available for our multi, fitness or pool memberships:

  • Fixed – Pay in full when you join. Choose either a three-month or 12-month period, with fixed terms and conditions.
  • Flexi – Pay fortnightly or monthly by direct debit. The minimum 12-week period includes flexi terms and conditions.

Membership terms and conditions and rules of use apply.

Membership type Flexi (per month) Three months 12 months
Multi membership $83.32 $315.18 $903.52
Fitness membership $72.23 $273.36 $783.36
Pool membership $63.04 $236.64 $683.40

We also offer a 25% discount on 12-month fixed term or flexi membership fees (optional extra fees excluded) for Community Services, Cando, KiwiAble Leisure, and NZ SuperGold card holders.