Are you looking for simple ideas for reducing stress to include in your daily routine?

It's easy for the stresses of everyday life to impact your mood. Knowing which methods work for you is a good tool to have in your arsenal.

three women participating in group fitness class, jumping

Slow down

Make it a priority to take small breaks in your day to relax and take some deep breaths. You'll feel recharged and find it easier to get stuck back into your work schedule.

Our Stretch and Release classes are perfect for winding down both the body and mind.

Eat well

Good nutrition is important as it helps your body function as it should. Give some extra thought to what you are feeding yourself and your family and think about any small improvements you might be able to make.

When the going gets tough, remind yourself of how good it makes you feel when you eat food that nourishes your body.

Exercise regularly

Working out is great way to relax the body and mind, so find something that you like doing. If throwing punches helps you release pent-up stress, try a Boxfit class at one of the Rec & Sport Fitness Centres.

If you'd rather work out on your own, one of our qualified instructors can put together a free personalised programme for you as part of a fitness membership.

Book in time with friends

Make a date with a mate, and make sure it involves a lot of laughing! In addition to laughter being proven to relieve physical tension, it's also a lot of fun and something we could all do more often.

We suggest bringing a friend along to one of our Zumba classes. It's a great partner workout, and we challenge anyone to get through a class without cracking a smile.