The New Year motivates many people to make fitness resolutions. The challenge is sticking to resolutions and reaching your goals. These tips will help you along the way!

three women doing yogaWhen making resolutions, it’s important to set up healthy patterns that will help keep up your enthusiasm long after January ends.

Take a look at our tips for forming a fitness habit:

Goal setting

It's proven that setting goals helps keep people on track. It's also a good idea to break up a bigger goal into smaller, bite-sized chunks. The progress you see helps encourage you further towards your overall goal. For example, we like to reassess every three months and make another new goal for the coming months.

Prepare your gear

Lay your clothes out before bed, ready for the next day. When people have lost the motivation to head to the gym, we always suggest they put their gym gear on before making the final call as it often helps sway their decision!

Small rewards

Positive reinforcement can have a big impact on your overall motivation. Little rewards have been proven to help people keep their new year’s resolutions. A non-food reward is best – how about letting yourself watch another episode of your favourite TV show after you’ve been to the gym?

Meal preparation

Focus some of your time on Sunday evenings on preparing lunches for the week ahead. Having lunch already prepared in the fridge in the mornings makes you less likely to buy your lunch. This little tip will help save you money and your waistline.

Remember that it is little, everyday habits that make an overall healthy lifestyle. Keep up the hard work and your fitness level will thank you for it. 

Join up at our fitness centres! Our friendly staff can set you up with a membership and chat through your goals for the new year.