Passionate about swimming and the water? There are plenty of sports or groups you can get involved in if you love the water!

Remember safety is the most important thing. Check the conditions, weather forecast, tides and always swim with others.

Open water swimming

You don’t have to be in open water to train for open water, make the most of the indoor pool to train for open water swimming.  When swimming long distances it helps to have a good freestyle so make sure you get your technique right. Practice starting your swim from treading water as there are no walls to hold on to or kick off from. 

swimmer under the water

Swimsmart Silver Extension Squads

These are 60 minute sessions where participants work on increasing stamina over a longer distance while working on improving technique. This is a non-competitive group that encourages you to push yourself to improve personal best times. Find out more at your local Swimsmart office.

Swim clubs

Clubs give you the opportunity to compete at local, national and international level.  The team environment within clubs provides great support - encouraging swimmers to do their best while still having fun.

Water polo

A great team sport, and one that requires players to swim the majority of the time, even if just treading water. Strong swimming skills and good stamina will be valuable for water polo players. A lot of Intermediate and Secondary schools have teams, so get in there and give it a go!

Concession card

Regular swimming will keep you fit and continue to improve your technique. Swim concession cards and support with your swimming programme is available at Pioneer, Jellie Park or Graham Condon via our Swimsmart offices. Enquire at your local centre today.