We've all been told before how important our core muscles are to our health - better posture and reduced back pain being some of the most important benefits. The good news is it's never too late to start improving your core strength.

Our Recreation and Sport Centres offer a range of classes that target your core such as Pilates, Yoga, Aqua fitness and more.
Six women participating in a pilates class

Pilates classes are one of the best places to start. They're a challenging but rewarding workout, regulars find it's easy to get addicted! Pioneer fitness centre offers classes for every experience level so don’t feel shy about trying it for the first time.

One of our favourite ways to target your core is to come along to a BAT class. This class focuses on activating your Bum, Abs and Thighs, for a serious lower body workout. Our instructors do an amazing job of distracting you whilst your body's doing all the hard work.

Yoga is well known for providing a full body workout, but most importantly it targets the core muscles thoroughly. There are different types of yoga that focus on different areas of wellbeing. Pioneer offers three types for you to choose from. We suggest trying them all to see which you like best.

One exercise that is sometimes overlooked in core strengthening is aqua exercise. Water jogging is a great non weight bearing exercise that also provides resistance for the muscles. Simply running up and down the swimming lanes is a good workout, but we suggest having a go at the Aqua Deep and Aqua Fit classes offered at our centres. These classes are good for anyone looking for guidance or motivation, and are a really fun time. Bring a friend and give them a go!

Group fitness classes are included as part of a fitness and multi membership, but you are also welcome to join classes on a casual basis. Find out more on the group fitness class page!