Get fit for life with Gabriel, a new member of the personal training team, who is based at Jellie Park and Pioneer.

Personal Trainer - Alex RibeiroA little about me

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and have been living in New Zealand since 2003. I love travelling and seeing other cultures and this makes me appreciate where I live and where I came from. I like biohacking, have been on a plant-based diet for over two years and I feel great.  I train to be fit for life, which for me means feeling confident I'm ready for anything life presents. I'm a keen surfer, bodyboarder, snowboarder, biker, father and I love music and dancing – like most Brazilians.


I live health and fitness. I dedicate time during the week to research wellbeing (sleeping, stress, mindset), nutrition and how to create memorable experiences in my community, including outdoor group classes in Summer and an end-of-year party. 


  • Calisthenics (body weight training, plyometrics) 
  • Strength and conditioning (HIIT, functional training, Olympic lifts)
  • Sustainable weight loss 
  • Triathlons and ultra-marathon
  • Group training (including corporate groups)
  • Capoeira (agility training).


  • Personal trainer certificate level 4 (REPs)
  • Sacroiliac Joint Function Certificate (WCC)
  • Zumba Gold Instructor (Senior Population)
  • Zumba Instructor
  • Gravity Fitness Creator and Trainer
  • First aid certificate
  • I have 13 years of experience in both individual and group training, throughout New Zealand.
  • I reach international clients using my online personal training app: G-ABS Fitness.

Get in touch with Gabriel by emailing or call 021 942 434.