Small group lessons for children aged 3 to 5 years focussing on growing water confidence and developing water safety skills. Develop water confidence and safety skills for your child in a fun and interactive way. 

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mother with child splashing in the water


Monday to Sunday from 9.00am.

20 minute lessons.


Children build their confidence and water safety skills. Focus is on safe entries and exits, blowing bubbles and submerging and floating on front and back with assistance.


Children develop at their own pace and are introduced to safe propulsion from the wall with a return, floating on front and back and developing assisted rotation front to back in the water. 


Children develop at their own pace and will learn to roll from front to back to front, to dog paddle while kicking and how to enter safely and then use propulsion from the wall and return.


Children develop at their own pace, beginning to formalise stroke development. The focus will be on freestyle stroke rolling to back to breath, independent back kick, backstroke and frog kick.