Heathcote River

Start: Pioneer Stadium, Lyttelton Street, Hoon Hay.

Finish: Ferry Road, Ferrymead.

Note: Use the footbridge between Gould and Bamford Street. Take the unsealed path from Rutherford Street to the Ferrymead Bridge.

You will need to be on the north side of the river at Rutherford Street to cross under Tunnel Road. However if it is a high tide you may need to go up the north side bank and cross over the busy Tunnel Road next to the bridge to rejoin the trail on the other side.

If you want to keep exploring you could cross over Main Road at the signal crossing near the Ferrymead Bridge - this links on the right to the Coastal pathway out to Sumner to the East or turn left to follow the Rapanui to City centre route to the West.

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