Be part of a growing number of communities around Christchurch that are contributing to the government’s Predator Free 2050 goals.

Sumner Predator-Free Pest-free Port Hills and Banks Peninsula

Christchurch City Council is a signatory to a multi-agency memorandum of understanding (MOU) to support pest-free goals for the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

This MOU includes both animals and pest plants, as weeds are often the bigger problem for many of our important local habitats.

To register and get involved in community efforts, contact Summit Road Society(external link).

Traps in parks

Permission from the landowner is mandatory before putting predator traps on public land. If you are thinking about putting traps in Council parks then you need to request permission from us beforehand.

We will only give permission:

  • for priority areas, where key biodiversity values need protection
  • when we can be confident traps are properly chosen, placed and maintained to ensure the safety of parks users and pets.

Our priority areas are the Port Hills, Banks Peninsula and key coastal locations.

Support your local community 

There may be a project or a community group near you that is already monitoring a trapline and would love more help.

Some of our large parks have active community groups that do regular volunteer work. Key sites in Christchurch where predator work is happening include:

You can also check out the Predator Free New Zealand interactive map(external link).

 Trap libraries

 Several community groups offer loan traps and run a trap library. Contact your local predator free ranger (external link)to find one near you.

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