As a filming location or photo shoot location, Christchurch parks and gardens provide the perfect backdrop. We are available for shoots throughout the year.

Wedding photos at the Botanic Gardens or Mona Vale

Filming in the Botanic Gardens

Commercial photography or filming in Christchurch gardens and parks

Commercial filming and photography needs prior approval. As the gardens and parks are public spaces no area can be hired exclusively.

To apply for permission to carry out commercial filming contact the Events Coordinator on (03) 941 8999 or by email

Charges for filming and commercial photography start at $550 per day.

Your request must outline:

  • The purpose of your shoot (including a description of what is planned)
  • Day and duration
  • The part of the Gardens you will use
  • Equipment and props to be used
  • Number of people involved on site.

Wedding photography and filming

To book or enquire about wedding photography and filming in a Council garden or park contact us or use the Photography booking request form for the Botanic Gardens and Mona Vale.

General photography and filming

Depending on the scale of your project you may need approval to film or photograph in Christchurch parks and green spaces, please contact us.