Let us dazzle you with plants with animal-like features.


Lilac SquirrelLilac Squirrel 

Sanguisorba hakusanensis

So named for its fluffy lilac-coloured 'tail'.

The closest you'll get to a real squirrel in Christchurch. 

See if you can find this plant in the Heritage Rose Garden.

Bat Flower

Tacca chantrieri

You'll find it flying around our jungle in Cuningham House.



Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae

Named Bird of Paradise because it looks like a tropical bird in flight. You can find this plant in Cuningham House.

Curious fact: In nature, this plant is pollinated by birds who land on the plant in search of nectar and fly away with pollen on their feathers. When they land on another plant, the pollen is deposited on the stigma. 

Cobra Plant

Darlingtonia californica

This Cobra plant is a dead ringer for a rearing cobra snake. If you look closely you can even see a forked leaf that resembles fangs! All the better to catch insects with.

You can find this carnivorous plant in Gilpin House.







Elephant's Foot Yam

Dioscoria elephantipes

This slow-growing, shrubby South African climber closely resembles it's namesake – a body part from the world's giant land mammal.

The skin of the tuber is greyish-brown and ridged with plates of thick cork. Some people also say it looks like a tortoise shell.