Play Magical Park at Ouruhia Reserve until Friday 30 June.

Magical Park.

Christchurch’s Ouruhia Reserve is playing host to a range of virtual guests including a giant T-Rex and unicorns.

Using a mobile device and the Magical Park app(external link), children can experience a park through a blended virtual world seen through the app once they enter the boundaries of the magical park.

Suitable for kids 6-11 years, there are three games:

  • Augmentia: features unicorns, kittens and fairies
  • Prehistoria: features dinosaurs
  • Alien Scape: home to Munchers and Blinkers.

Each game takes about 30-60 minutes to play.  

Which parks can I play Magical Park in?

Ouruhia Reserve(external link) is on the corner of Guthries Road, off Marshlands Rd, Ouruhia. it also has a recently upgraded playground with flying fox, rock-climbing boulder and bike track.

Note: The app is no longer active at Wycola Park or Cypress Gardens Reserve.

What do I need to play?

A compatible device: the app runs on iPhone 5 and iPads 3+ and Android devices with compass, gyroscope, GPS and Accelerometer sensors.

Internet: have access to mobile data or hotspot. It takes about 50KB data per game.

Geolocation: make sure your GPS is on and set to high accuracy.

Magical Park is developed by GEO AR Games (external link)and sponsored by Christchurch City Council. It will be live until Friday 30 June.