Christmas comedy theatre for Christchurch!

It's Waiting for Guffman meets Love Actually, as a small-town community theatre group has just 24 hours to rehearse their show and get it ready for opening night – the highlight of Levin's calendar. Tensions run high as the show’s Broadway-aspiring director pushes for a new high-concept, Santa-free drama, while love blossoms backstage and the stage manager plans a coup.

From award-winning writers Tom Sainsbury and Chris Parker, this raucous comedy will kickstart your summer festivities. The quirky locals of Levin will be brought to life by Chris Parker, Brynley Stent, Tom Eason and Phoebe Hurst, as well as a revolving guest cast of famous faces from Christchurch. Each night our celebrity guest actor will find out just how big they are in Levin, as they improvise their way through the show and try their best to outshine the local talent.

Email to discuss group bookings and hospitality options.

Starring: Chris Parker, Brynley Stent, Tom Eason and Phoebe Hurst. Directed by Holly Chappell-Eason.