Celebrities, spectacular floats, fantasy, popular characters, clowns, animals, dance groups, cultural groups, thrills, music, and of course Santa and Mrs Claus will all feature in the event.

The parade has a history of fun, excitement and fantasy, and this year will be no exception. It has something for everyone!

The parade will start at 2pm sharp from the corner of Madras and St Asaph Streets and ends at approximately 3pm at the corner of Madras and Kilmore Streets.

The route is 1.2 kilometres long. If the parade is postponed it will be held the following Sunday December 15.

Getting there

Bus easy

Take the bus to the Interchange in the centre of town, then it’s just a short walk to nearly everywhere. Visit metroinfo to plan your bus trip.

Bike easy

Biking into town is easy and fun, there are seven cycleways that lead straight into the central city and heaps of cycle stands around town. The Bus Interchange and Lichfield Street parking building both have undercover cycle stands.

Park easy

Use the one-way streets for an easy drive into town and follow the blue P signs to get to one of five multi-level parking buildings. Use the parking map to see real-time parking building availability.