14 Mar 2018

The rainbow flag will fly over the Civic Offices this month in support of Christchurch Pride Week.

The annual event aims to bring together the diverse groups within the city’s larger LGBTIA+ rainbow whanau, and celebrate their pride and the unique resilience of Christchurch.

The week features a range of entertainment and events from 15 until 25 March.

“Here at the Council, we, too, fly the Rainbow Flag with pride, wanting to show our support for all members of our Christchurch community,” Acting Mayor Andrew Turner says.

“It’s important to acknowledge and support Christchurch Pride Week in celebrating the diverse groups that make up a great city.”

The Council has been asked to fly the flag by Christchurch Pride, a non-profit volunteer group that aims to educate, inspire and revitalise.

Andrew Turner and Jill Stevens with the Rainbow flag.

Acting Mayor Andrew Turner and Christchurch Pride Chair Jill Stevens with the rainbow flag that will fly over the Civic Offices for the next 10 days.