Consultation starts on lower speeds for south-west Christchurch

20 May 2019

Speed limits are under review for Halswell and Hornby in a move to improve road safety.

A proposal to drop the speed limits for several roads in Christchurch’s south-west has gone out for public feedback.

Under the suggested changes, most of the roads are proposed to have a 60km/h limit while some – Halswell Junction Road and Kennedys Bush Road, as well as parts of Cashmere Road and Hendersons Road – may change to 50km/h.

John Paterson Drive and roads in the new Cloverden subdivision off Murphys Road will have a proposed 40km/h limit.

Speed limit changes are proposed for Cashmere Road.

Speed limit changes are proposed for Cashmere Road.

A 60km/h speed limit is proposed for Marshs, Shands, Springs, Hodgens, Fountains, Whincops, Downies, Quaifes, Sabys, Sutherlands and Hoon Hay Valley roads, as well as Cashmere Road (between Kennedys Bush Road and the existing 50km/h zone north of Hoon Hay Valley Road).

Transport Operations Manager Steffan Thomas says evidence from around New Zealand and across the world reveals that even small decreases in the travelling speeds can significantly increase the survival rates of crashes and result in fewer serious injuries.

He says that speed determines both the likelihood of a crash occurring and the severity of the outcome.

“Speed dictates what happens when vehicles crash into other cars and into other vulnerable road users,” Mr Thomas says.

“Regardless of what causes a crash, whether people walk away or are carried away will depend on the speed their vehicles are travelling. It is not just about keeping the driver and passengers of a car safe. While modern cars have improved safety features, if we crash into vulnerable road users at higher speeds, the risk of them dying or being seriously injured increases greatly.”

He says that improving the safety of the road network is a critical issue for the Council.

“Speed Management recognises that not all our roads have the same risk. They are unique, can be challenging and not always easy to read,” Mr Thomas says.

“We want a Safe System approach that aims for a more forgiving road network that takes human fallibility and vulnerability into account. Under a Safe System, all parts of the system are made safe. These include safe roads and roadsides, safe vehicles, safe road users and safe speed.”

The Council has been reviewing the local road network based on New Zealand Transport Agency Speed Management Guide to ensure appropriate limits are in place.

Consultation(external link) on the proposed speed limit changes is open until Monday, 17 June.

A final decision on any changes will be made by the Council following recommendations from the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board after consideration of a staff report.


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