Download a variety of technical reports about flooding

Open Waterway Condition Assessment: January 2017

To inform strategic planning and asset management decisions under the Land Drainage Recovery Programme, a visual condition assessment and data collection survey of open waterways in the city, focusing on open channel attributes and condition, associated structures, and the five values (culture, ecology, heritage, landscape, recreation).

Open Waterway Condition Assessment Report [PDF, 9 MB] 

Dudley Creek Options: August 2015 

Christchurch City Council has decided to progress the Stapleton Road downstream flood remediation option through to detailed design and construction to reduce the risk of flooding in the Flockton area and benefit at least 585 properties.

Dudley Creek - Multi Criteria Analysis for Pumping versus Gravity [PDF, 171 KB] 

Dudley Creek Flood Remediation - Downstream Options Report [PDF, 6.3 MB]

Dudley Creek Flood Remediation - appendices:

Council rejects AvonHeathcote Tidal Barrier study: October 2015

Large scale investigations into a tidal barrier on the Avon–Heathcote Estuary will not go ahead following a Christchurch City Council decision today. Feedback from strategic partners and key organisations was considered at today's meeting, and councillors unanimously rejected proceeding to the full feasibility assessment stage for a tidal barrier.

Read the full media release.(external link)

View the Avon–Heathcote Tidal Barrier Pre-Feasibility Study report [PDF, 11 MB]

The Pre-Feasibility Tidal Barrier Study has been subjected to two independent peer reviews. View the first review   Christchurch Pre-feasibility Tidal Barrier Cost Estimate Peer Review

View the second review Avon Heathcote Estuary Tidal Barrier Pre-feasibility Report Review [PDF, 100 KB]

Dudley Creek: June 2015

Download the Dudley Creek Flood Remediation Downstream Options Report and other technical reports.

Dudley Creek Flood Remediation Downstream Options Report [PDF, 6.3 MB]
Appendix A – Multi Criteria Analysis Report [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Appendix B – Arboricultural Report [PDF, 656 KB]
Appendix C – Ecological Condition of Lower Dudley Creek [PDF, 6.4 MB]
Appendix D – Concept Civil Engineering Drawings [PDF, 13 MB]
Appendix E – Concept Geotechnical Report [PDF, 14 MB]
Appendix F – Existing Tree and Ecology Plans [PDF, 12 MB] 

Banks Avenue Tree Report

During part of the consultation period a number of submitters from the Banks Avenue area requested more detail around how many trees may be affected by the preferred option 2. 

In response to this an Arborist report has been carried out.  Due to the complexity of the proposed works, some flexiblity in the design is expected to be required. 

Once any actual alignment and extent of works are confirmed and progressed into detailed design and marked out on site, some trees that are identified in this report to be removed may be clear of the works and therefore could be retained.  Also, it may be found that it will not be possible to retain some trees that are identified in this report to be retained.  As a result the numbers of trees identified as being affected by the works are indicative only.

Banks Avenue Tree Report [PDF, 1.4 MB] - Arborist report on trees along Banks Avenue (indicative only).