Complete the form below and give the correct locations of four golden fish located around the Central City.

Entries close at 5pm on 20 July. Winners are drawn on the 22 July and notified after that.

This competition is open to all three to seventeen year olds at the time the competition closes.

Prizes won from Macpac and Hunting and Fishing need to be collected in store with a parent or caregiver. Main prize pack winners will be notified for collection and the remaining prizes will be posted out directly to winners. 

Visit the Kidsfest website(external link) after 23 July for a full list of winners.

Hints for entering the competition

  • Use our interactive map to find the general location of the fish. 
  • Follow the drains to find the fish.
  • To avoid time-out issues we suggest you complete the form and submit your entry once you have finished your hunt.

Enter the competition

Where are the golden fish located? You need to show a minimum of four.
Where does the water on the road end up being directly discharged to?
Which of the following can you do to keep our waterways and fish happy? You may choose more than one answer.
The banded kokopu is what kind of fish?
The Maori word tuna is what type of fish?

I/we have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions as set out in the Rules of the competition and confirm my/our understanding that failure to comply with any of these conditions may lead to my competition entry not being accepted.

I/we agree that by checking this box I/we have been responsible for our own heath and safety and that the organiser(s) will not be responsible for any injury, loss or property damage I/we encounter whilst completing this competition.

I/we confirm I/we are not a current employee of or relative of a Christchurch City Council or HEB Construction employee and agree that my entry will be invalid if I/we are found to be one of the above.