Is my area affected by coastal hazards?

Find out if your property is in a coastal hazard zone defined in the 2017 Coastal Hazards Assessment.

Areas the 2017 Coastal Hazards Assessment covers

The maps below show the areas that the 2017 Coastal Hazard Assessment identified as potentially affected by coastal erosion or inundation.

The assessment identifies areas that may be susceptible to these coastal hazards, across four climate change scenarios over the next 100 years in southern Pegasus Bay, and the main residential bays in Lyttelton Harbour and Akaroa Harbour. 

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Search your address to find out if your property is within an area potentially affected by coastal inundation and erosion.

The 2017 Coastal Hazards Assessment is the basis for coastal hazards information on LIMs for Christchurch and Banks Peninsula properties.

Since this assessment was prepared, the Council has new information on extreme water levels and sediment budgets which will result in changes to some of the locations at risk from flooding and erosion as shown in these maps. 

An updated Coastal Hazards Assessment is currently being developed and is due later in 2021. This assessment will incorporate these latest technical findings. 

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The property search has been developed to help people find information on coastal hazards particular to the main inhabited parts of Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.

The coastal hazard information accessed through this has been derived from digital data supplied by Tonkin & Taylor Ltd. The digital data is presented as maps in the 2017 Coastal Hazard Assessment for Christchurch and Banks Peninsula report prepared by Tonkin & Taylor Ltd. for the Christchurch City Council.

Due care has been taken by the Christchurch City Council to ensure the information is accurate and fairly reflects the digital data supplied by Tonkin & Taylor Ltd.

Christchurch City Council accepts no liability for any error, omission, or inaccuracy of the information or from any use of or reliance on the information provided through the property search function.