The KiwiAble programme is based with the Business Operations Team in the Recreation & Sports Unit of Christchurch City Council and is funded by the Christchurch City Council and The Canterbury Community Trust.

The major objective of KiwiAble is to promote an inclusive, welcoming service model of community recreation. KiwiAble is committed to getting more people with a disability involved in sport, recreation and leisure by breaking down barriers to participation.

What does KiwiAble do?

The KiwiAble programme works in the following areas:

  • Facilitates the KiwiAble Recreation Network, a network of disability organisations, individuals with disabilities, service providers - anyone interested in the area of sport, recreation, the Arts and leisure. 
  • Delivers disability awareness training in association with established partners to Council Leisure facilities, Council Holiday programme staff and some Council Units 
  • Contributes to plans, developments of barrier free opportunities within Council 
  • Offers advice on sport, recreation and leisure options for people with disabilities 
  • Develops services in response to identified needs 
  • Promotes the concept of an inclusive community 
  • Advocacy support 
  • Promotes equity and inclusion 
  • Administers the Kiwiable Leisure Card 

Who can access the KiwiAble network? 

Anyone who has an interest in the area of sport, recreation or leisure for people with disabilities.