The Contextual Historical Overview for Christchurch City, is a report which examines Christchurch under the historical themes of 'Life in the City', 'The Built City', and 'Industry and Commerce'.

The report provides a broad overview and understanding of the city and its development in the last 150 years, which is pivotal for the future identification and management of heritage in Christchurch.

The report was commissioned for two reasons:

  • To present a general thematic history of Christchurch settlement and development.
  • To help the council review the existing City Plan heritage listings to identify any thematic gaps or potential items that should be added to the heritage inventory.

Thanks to the overview, the Council has already recommended many additions to a heritage item list. These are now being researched before deciding whether they make the final list.

Banks Peninsula contextual historical overview and thematic framework [PDF, 28 MB] - June 2014 [PDF 27.95 MB].

The report


The following maps are referenced in, and should be read in conjunction with, the above report.