Heritage and its importance

We envision a Christchurch in which:

  • An informed and concerned community values its diverse cultural heritage (European, Maori and other cultural groups of New Zealand ) for its unique contribution to the identity, amenity and quality of the city.
  • The community works together to protect its irreplaceable urban environment and is supported by its elected representatives with adequate human and financial resources.
  • We continue to celebrate the city’s cultural heritage through innovative and dynamic heritage management with an emphasis on co-ordination, integration and managed change for the experience, enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

We value our heritage because:

  • Heritage helps to define a unique sense of identity for individuals and communities and the city of Christchurch.
  • Heritage helps to create communities by connecting individuals to neighbourhoods, social groups and the city as a whole through its physical, cultural, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects.
  • Heritage provides continuity in a constantly changing society and environment, affirming where our communities have come from and enabling an understanding of the present in order to plan for the future.
  • Heritage has value to the whole community and serves beyond individual interests to contribute to the greater public good and community prosperity.

Our mission for heritage

We work with key stakeholders (Christchurch City Council, heritage agencies and community) for the delivery of this vision using international best practice concepts and methods to foster and promote sustainable management of cultural heritage buildings, places, objects and landscapes for the wellbeing and prosperity of the whole community.

For further information, refer to our heritage policies.