Pop-up gardens

An Enliven Places project is enabling three community-designed pop-up gardens to be located in Cathedral Square over the upcoming 2018/19 summer season.

The pop-up gardens will aim to temporarily add greenery and colour to Cathedral Square. These delightful spaces will attract people to visit the central city and showcase the creativity of the Christchurch community.

All submissions have been evaluated by a panel of creative experts and the top six have been selected. The six top designs are below. It’s up to you to decide which three are installed in Cathedral Square for the summer season.

Grow Up Garden
Grow up Garden is an energizing space showcasing a range of vertical garden displays. The garden features coloured and textured planting, a clever design and recycled elements which will enchant visitors.

Colourful pool noodles amongst a green oasis will add vibrancy and vividness to Cathedral Square. Noodlescape is a contemporary garden that invites playfulness whilst creating a sense of pride in the future of Christchurch City.

Stained Glass Tunnel
A stained glass tunnel floating on islands of lush green forest. This design responds to the surrounding architecture of Christchurch City.

A tranquil spot you can visit to ‘Relax and Reflect’ amongst the growing pains of a revitalising city. This oasis of peace will offer a setting designed to set aside the stress of the day amongst the resplendent greenery.

We Too
We Too captures the essence of community gardening, a place for young and old, living spaces and an abundance of colour. The design incorporates living sculptures and lush plantings to signify inclusiveness, collaboration and sustainability.

Time to Heal
Time to Heal represents the belief that we all need to take time out of our busy lives to rest and heal our bodies and minds, particularly in a post-earthquake environment. This design incorporates healing plants used in rongoā Māori and other traditional medicines.


The Pop-up garden process

Request for proposals

Request for proposals – 1 to 29 October (Complete)

The Request for Proposal seeks designs for temporary pop-up gardens for Cathedral Square. Anyone can enter their design concept, so if you are interested or know someone who might like to enter a design please share this opportunity with them. Submissions are due Monday 29 October at 5pm.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes – 29 October to 1 November (Complete)

All the proposals will be submitted to our review panel, who will assess them to make sure they are achievable and appropriate.


Vote – 2 to 11 November

The review panel consists of a youth representative, arts and community advisor as well as landscape and construction industry experts. 

The top eight designs are selected by our review panel and will be put out for a public vote. The three designs with the highest number of votes will be delivered.


Delivery – 13 November to 11 December

The winning applicants will have just over four weeks and $8000 to build and install their designs. We are anticipating that key industry partners will be available to assist this process.

Enjoy and visit

Enjoy and visit – December 2018 to early April 2019

Come into town, spend a few hours, bring some friends and marvel at the activations you had a part in shaping and see people enjoying your pop-up garden.