Funding is available for people working towards the regeneration of Christchurch.

In Situ Photo Gallery

Several different grants are available: Transitional City Projects Fund, Creative Industries Support Fund and Transitional City Rates Grant – Property Owner Incentive.

Both the Transitional City Project Fund and Creative Industries Support Fund are open for applications now. Applications will be accepted anytime until 30 June 2016, or until such time as the funds are fully allocated.

If you have any questions when developing your proposal, need advice or would like to book a funding pre-application meeting to discuss your ideas, please email

Regular funding decisions will be made with review of applications received about every two months. Decisions on grants for either fund of less than $15,000 will not need to be sent to the Council committee for approval.

Transitional City Projects Fund

The Transitional City Projects Fund (TCPF) encourages community groups and business to participate in Christchurch’s recovery. It is also intended that the fund assists the attraction and retention of creative and innovative talent, by increasing support available for testing new ideas and creating opportunities to meaningfully contribute to a vibrant urban regeneration.

The Central City fund applies to activity within the Four Avenues. The Suburban Centres fund applies to the areas covered by the eight Suburban Centre Master Plans: Edgeware Village, Ferry Road/Main Road, Linwood Village, Lyttelton, New Brighton Centre, Selwyn Street shops, Sydenham and Sumner Village Centre.

Projects will be considered that are well-planned, have partnerships already in place to deliver them within a short time-frame (4 months) and that will temporarily utilise a vacant space for primarily public benefit.


A pre-application meeting is required prior to submitting an application. Send your completed application form, budget, supporting documents and bank deposit slip to Your application will not be considered complete without the deposit slip.

Projects supported by the Transitional City Projects Fund include:

Cultivate - Peterborough Urban FarmCultivate 

A small-scale organic urban farm on a vacant site that provides meaningful work for youth, donates produce and sells produce to city restaurants. 

156 Peterborough Street, Christchurch.


Tess Sheerin Un-pollution MuralUnsealed #3 Pollution Awareness Mural

Artist Tess Sheerin raises awareness for coastal pollution through NZ murals, including on a vacant wall in Christchurch.

North Durham Street, Christchurch.


In Situ Photo ProjectIn Situ Photo Project

Exhibiting fine art photography by emerging and established NZ photographers in a vacant site in the Christchurch city centre. 

120 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

Creative Industries Support Fund

The Creative Industries Support Fund supports arts practice and its establishment in the recovery and revitalisation of Christchurch’s Central City.

The fund is intended to encourage the engagement of the general public in progressive arts experiences that are relevant to Christchurch and that encourage collaboration, innovation and strategic partnerships among arts practitioners and facilitators. It is also intended that the fund aids in the retention of creative talent in Christchurch by enabling the development of quality, long-term projects that support the growth and strengthening of the creative sector in the Central City.

Creative Industries Support Fund may cover:

  • Workshops
  • Studio, gallery and retail rent subsidies
  • Establishing of recurrent arts programmes
  • Arts clusters with long term benefits
  • Capital items


Send your completed application form, budget, supporting documents and bank deposit slip to Your application will not be considered complete without the deposit slip.

Successful applicants must accept the following terms and conditions [PDF 53KB] that form part of the Grant Funding Agreement Terms and Conditions [PDF 48KB]

Projects supported by the Creative Industries Support Fund include

Exchange Christchurch

A place for creative practitioners to develop their practice, share ideas and connect with others. 

376 Wilsons Road, Christchurch.



Lyttelton Arts Factory

Delivers a programme of professional theatre, community events and arts education.

34 Oxford Street, Lyttelton, Christchurch.



Fab Lab CHCH

Provides the local community with access to the modern tools and equipment of invention. 

46 Coleridge Street, Christchurch.

Transitional City Rates Grant – Property Owner Incentive

The Transitional City Rates Grant was developed to encourage property owners (either in the Central City or in Suburban Centres) to support temporary use of vacant land activated with transitional projects by granting up to a maximum of $5,000 in a 12 month period to the rates account for the property.

This will be on the Council component of the rates and is proportional based on the area used for the project.


We recommend contacting Life in Vacant Spaces, site brokers, to discuss as they can simplify the process. They hold standard agreements for both site owners and site users and match projects to sites. Email

Any other queries can be directed to

Next steps

Once approved, you will be notified and your rate account will be credited with the amount approved. This grant cannot be exchanged for cash and is credited to the account in arrears in instalments.