The emphasis for the Small Grants Fund is to assist projects that enhance community group capacity and/or increase participation in their activities.

The upper limit for this fund is $5000. Funding is for the period 1 September in the current year to 31 August the following year.


Applications will be categorised as either metropolitan (city-wide) or local projects.

  • Metropolitan applications will be assessed by staff and referred to the  Council for a decision.

  • Local applications will be assessed by staff and referred to the relevant community board for a decision.

Applicants will be notified of the Council/community board's decision in August.

How to apply

Make an application to the Small Grants Fund

How to fill out a Small Grants Fund application form guide [PDF 8KB]

All organisations applying for funding must also complete a Community Organisation Registration form. Organisations only need to complete one registration form for the year, no matter how many grant applications they intend to make.

What this fund covers

  • Project related costs for the twelve month period 1 September to 31 August
  • Equipment, including recreation and sport equipment deemed necessary for participation only (Note: All equipment or capital purchases must be noted in a schedule of equipment/capital purchases for accountability purposes)
  • Costs that support the recognition, contribution and retention of volunteers
  • Small community events
  • Projects that improve the administration, business and strategic capacity of organisations e.g. ClubMark or strategic planning

What this fund will not cover

  • Debt servicing or re-financing
  • Arts projects that are eligible for Creative New Zealand Creative Communities funding
  • Stock or capital market investment
  • Gambling or prize money
  • Payment of any legal expenditure including costs or expenditure related to ACC, Employment Tribunal, Small Claims Tribunal, professional or disciplinary body hearings 
  • Activities or initiatives where the primary purpose is to promote religious ministry, political objectives or commercial interests
  • Medical or healthcare costs including treatment and insurance fees
  • Money which will be re-distributed as grant funding, sponsorship, donations, bequests, aid funding or aid to other recipients
  • Payment of fines, court costs, IRD penalties or retrospective tax payment

 What this fund will usually not cover

  • Retrospective costs or project or purchase costs incurred or settled before the agreed commencement date of the funding agreement
  • Entertainment costs (except for costs directly linked to volunteer recognition)
  • Funding of individuals
  • Purchase of land and buildings
  • Building maintenance or facility design, development or renovation costs
  • Fundraising or general income growth purposes
  • Costs to remedy, rectify, upgrade, retrofit or replace equipment, vehicles or premises as a result of action by central or local government departments or other agencies who hold regulatory or enforcement powers
  • Purchase of vehicles and any related ongoing maintenance, repair, overhead costs or road user charges
  • Air travel, accommodation, hotel or motel expenses

 Accountability and compliance

  • Funding is to be spent by 31 August (the following year).

  • Any alterations to the use of the funding must be discussed with Council staff and agreed to or funding may be required to be returned.

  • An accountability form must be completed when funding is spent or by 30 September the following year.

Future funding may be withheld if accountability requirements are not met.