Council is proud to support local projects with the Innovation and Sustainability Fund. Check out the great projects we have funded so far.


Project Year Applicant Description Funding
Nature's Rainbow 2018 Vicky Steele Delivery of a demonstration butterfly garden in the central city, to attract a variety of ten native butterfly species.  $20,000
Squawk Squad education packs 2018 Squawk Squad(external link)  To deliver Conservation Week educational packs to 80 Christchurch school classrooms to support environmental education and practical actions. $8,000
Te Tuna Tāone - Urban Eel 2018 Working Waters Trust(external link) Delivery of a school student education programme aiming to improve habitat for eels. $22,000
Little River Trap Library 2017 Little River Wairewa Community Trust(external link) Widen community conservation efforts and provide information about pest control. The Library provides traps free of charge for three months with mentorship on use. Funding sought for traps, time and modest marketing. $10,000


Project Year Applicant Description Funding
Building Above Code and To Code 2018 Massey University Purchase 100 sensors and collect and share data on the temperature, moisture and carbon dioxide in the living room and bedroom of 25 code minimum homes and 25 above code Superhomes in Christchurch.  $40,000
Power Pavillion 2018 Field Limited(external link)  A citizen-generated and large-scale public work of transitional architecture that offers significant presence and amenity to the central city. $50,000
Ōtakaro Orchard 2018 Food Resilience Network(external link) Funding sought to support building an architect-designed green building at the Ōtakaro Orchard. Funding to support installation of a green roof, solar array, water catchment and building dashboard. $60,000
2018 Exemplar Homes Tour Homestar assessment costs 2017 SUPERHOME Movement(external link) Public tour of sustainable homes in Christchurch with Homestar rating.  Funds sought to partly cover the NZGBC cost gaining a Homestar Rating for 10 homes to provide community more understanding of Homestar and more certainty of housing quality.  $9,400


Project Year Applicant Description Funding
Cultivate Christchurch  2018 Cultivate Christchurch(external link) Urban farm to support youth development. Funding to support wages, fertiliser and irrigation.  $50,000
The Addington Farm  2018  The Addington Farm(external link) Community farm to supply fresh vegetables, employment opportunities, education and community engagement. Funding to support the Spin Farm, small scale farming in backyards.  $30,000
Mobile workshop 2018 Greening the Rubble(external link) Mobile tool workshop for community use. Funding sought for construction materials and set-up. $22,165
Sustainability Coordintor 2018 Sustainable Eastern Bays(external link)(external link) Funding sought for staff time (sustainability coordinator) to deliver a range of community projects (e.g. food forest, predator free, native planting, waste education, time banking). $25,000
Implementation manager role 2018 (external link)Christchurch Enviro Hub(external link) Establish and run a new Christchurch Enviro Hub. Funding sought to support implementation manager position. $20,000


Project Year Applicant Description Funding
Pop Lab 2018 Fab City Aotearoa Trust(external link) A design installation and temporary fabrication lab in the Arts Centre over summer 2018/19 that will act as a showroom for locally produced, digitally exportable goods $10,000
Impact Summit 2018 2018 University of Canterbury(external link) Christchurch's flagship innovation and impact event targeted at 17-25 year-olds (though all ages welcome). $10,000
Future Living Skills - Christchurch 2018 Christchurch Community Gardens Association(external link) & Sustainable Living Education Trust(external link) Funding sought to re-launch and updated community-led education programme to enable community groups throughout Christchurch to run 'Future Living Skills' courses. $8,250
Limitless programs 2018 2018 Limitless(external link) Mentoring events to help youth understand their passions, values, skills and strengths and to channel this toward real world problems, goals and meaningful careers. $10,000
Future of Learning 2018 Think Beyond(external link)(external link) Workshops and event for adults and youth to explore disruptive technology. $10,000

Energy and climate

Project Year Applicant Description Funding
LiteClub Christchurch 2018 Project Litefoot Trust(external link) Supporting ten local sports clubs to improve their resource efficiency and carbon footprint. $7,640

Land and water

Project Year Applicant Description Funding
Next generation influence - Innovation 2018 Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research(external link) Workshop expenses and artists’ fees to encourage local stewardship of land and water. $3,000
Converting Didymo fibres into marketable products 2(external link)018 Biome(external link)(external link) Harvesting invasive Didymo fibres and processing into useful eco-friendly products. $10,000


Project Year Applicant Description Funding
Demystifying Electric Vehicles 2018 Yoogo Share(external link) Free public events in Lyttelton and Papanui to demystify electric vehicles. $6,000
Realising the Future of Public Transport 2018 Ohmio Automotion Ltd.(external link) Funding supplied to establish autonomous vehicle technology (the vehicle and navigation systems) in Christchurch, pass through the necessary legal processes to enable deployment in NZ, and create opportunities for the Christchurch public to engage with the driverless vehicles. $50,000
Cycling Action Network 2018 NZ Bike Expo(external link)  Two-day bike expo for all types or riders. Funding to support community groups and sports clubs to have a presence at the expo at no cost. $10,000
Greater Christchurch Partnership 2018 Greater Christchurch Partnership commuting program Delivery of the Great Christchurch Travel Demand Management programme (encouraging walking, cycling, busing and shared travel) for key organisations in the central city. $20,000


Project Year Applicant Description Funding
Project Sea Change 2018 Genevieve Robinson An app to help the community monitor the location, amount and type of plastic litter in the environment. Aims to increase understanding about plastic; mobilise community responses and support up-the-pipe solutions to plastic use. $12,000
City Harvest Food Rescue 2018 City Harvest(external link) Support sought for this food rescue service that safely recovers quality surplus food and redistributes it through agencies to in-need individuals, whanau and children.  $30,000
Soft Plastics Recycling Service 2018 Kilmarnock Enterprises(external link) Support for the collection and recycling of soft plastics from supermarkets and retail outlets throughout Christchurch. Collection vehicle
Lyttelton Library of Tools & Things 2017 Project Lyttelton(external link) Set up a library of tools for community use and a platform for workshops, supporting less waste and resourcefulness. $7,588


Project Year Applicant Description Funding
In Correspondence - Mapping Christchurch (In Correspondence: Christchurch) 2018 Emma Johnson Layering social and environmental story over designed maps to be displayed at a series of events that also connect the audience with channels to volunteer in the community. $5,000
University of Waikato 2018 Visualising Addington Heritage Funding sought to develop a mobile app in which multimedia Addington heritage information is made available. $10,000
Future City Activator Hackathon 2018 Ministry of Awesome(external link) An idea generation and mentoring hackathon plus promoting CHCH as an innovative city. $18,950